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15 of our Favorite Business Apps You Have to Try Now

Having a small business is super fun. You have your passion and vision but you also need a team right? These cool applications take care of some of the tedious tasks and can help your small business flourish.

  1. Asana - this project management software allows you to assign tasks, receive documents & photos. With both a free and paid version plus a mobile app you can't go wrong. Did we mention they have cat & unicorn clip art to celebrate your wins?

  2. Calendly - this scheduler is amazing to let individuals pick the time and date to work with you or schedule a chat. With a free and paid version there is no reason not to try it. Integrates on most websites and with your iCal or Google Calendar.

  3. Canva - Graphic Design for beginners or a cake walk for pros, Canva has a paid and free version that will allow you to streamline your brand. We recommend partnering with a graphic designer to create templates that you can reuse or so you can easily update information. Unlike Photostop or Illustrator, you won't be able to crate metallic effects on your words or curve lettering thus this is not your end all be all. Yet and still, an amazing asset.

  4. Facebook Business Manager - Need to manage a lot of business pages on Facebook and Instagram (as they are co-owned)? The best way is to add this application to your phone. Toggle pages, view messages and insights in one place.

  5. Google Calendars - Scheduling appointments just got easier with this fun to use application. See the calendars of colleagues plus get a free video and telephone conference phone number. Need we say more :)

  6. Google Drive - Photos and videos can clog your mobile device space pretty easily. Google Drive allows you to share all things photo, video, and document.

  7. Google Voice - A secret gem, free telephone number with visual voicemail and texting. Request the city/state or area code and you're all set.

  8. Hootsuite - Who's going to manage posting to all of your social media platforms? Hootsuite - that's who. With a free and paid version you can ensure your content gets posted up to 30 days in advance. They also have courses to help you learn.

  9. InShot - Wondering how your peers are creating those cool video effects, check out this video editing app that can speed and slow down any visual.

  10. Over - Another fun graphic design app, perfect for adding the modern, hard to find fonts to your social media posts and videos.

  11. Pinterest - Many of us don't use Pinterest to its full capability. You can grow your following with this very resourceful app. Think organic followers.

  12. Ripl - Turn your favorite photos into video with Ripl, with a paid and free version you'll enjoy the smooth transitions and vibrant colors.

  13. Whats App - One of the very best apps to communicate internationally, Whats App is a great method for receiving large files. These files can easily be downloaded and shared. Don't sleep on this little green guy.

  14. Wix - Wix has upped its resourcefulness with a full customer relationship manager (CRM) & email marketing platform. With the Wix app, you can also manage orders and blogs from the palm of your hand. Seamless with a low learning curve, this is a favorite.

  15. Tidio Chat - this app allows you to welcome customers, offer discounts and retrieve their contact information. Communicate from your desktop and device or share offers with customers while you're away with their automation bots. A must try.

We'll be sharing more fun, free and paid apps that you may love. Feel welcome to ask questions or share your faves as well.

Talk soon, xo

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